The year 2020 has been tough for the whole planet. Last year we thought that we know about the future.

We dreamt of travelling, healthy and interesting lifestyle, planned all business according to own plans. But with the arising and dissemination of Covid 19 we realized that humans of different age, nationality and wealth is vulnerable to this invisible, deadly enemy.

The world will never be the same.

It will be impossible to lead a normal life.

To do sports, to walk, to eat in cafes or even enjoy concerts.

Thousands of sick and dead people not only from the virus but also by the impossibility to get qualitative and professional medical assistance.

Restrictions which destroy economies and hope for a bright future.

Under the fear of suspense and helplessness. Closed borders and hearts.

“LIVE HELP FOR THE PLANET” is inspired by the worldwide famous festival LIVE AID. This is a charitable musical project of international scale.
The mission is to get the attention of the world society to realize the importance of assistance for people in need and for preventing global crises and disasters.

In cases of isolation and terrible mood, everybody needs support and hope for the best.
And music will help us achieve this!
With musicians who are not indifferent to the problem, we recorded a track with the world's leading singers (8 of the most famous voices from each country) The text was written in Russia and for best understanding it. it was translated for 9 of the world’s most recognizable languages such as English, German, French, Spain, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Hebrew.